The Shift of Time and Energy!

There is such a focus in my head today about sharing some ah ha’s I got while driving and listening to the convoluted universe book 2. I feel it is because this applies to all of us, especially when it comes to my readings!!

The hypnosis subject’s evolved Being speaking thru her was talking about her (and any other human) receiving various symbol’s either via dreams, meditation or otherwise, are not to be (fully) understood in that moment, but absorbed for later use.

As I was listening to that, I was instantly transported (in my mind) back to the 3 years I spent in meditation with Sananda and Franklyn (from the Pleiades) learning how the energy body works within the physical body. I would watch their energy target various places on people laying on table in this energy healing room we were always in. Within the energy were symbols I…

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