The Great Reset —- Global Elites ….. and ” the PERMANENT Lockdown”

Part  X  of  “the conspiracy”

            The Great Reset,                     the Global Elites
     and the PERMANENT Lockdown

FROM  :                                        Conservative Publisher :       regnery.comBOOK by  :             Marc Morano                             Regnery Publishing

Here is the antidote to  “the left’s”  sinister push to use a worldwide crisis
to infuse our lives with the values of collasal statism and dystopian self-hatred,
all accelerated by the duplicitous manipulation of the recent pandemic.
From the nationally best-selling author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change.
Welcome to 2030. I own nothing, have no privacy, and life has never been better. 
This is the vision of the Great Reset, according to globalist leaders.
While proponents of the Great Reset push slogans like “Build Back Better,”
“The Fourth Industrial Revolution,” and “A New Normal,”
the Reset is nothing short of a rebranded Soviet system,
threatening to strip away property rights, restrict freedom of movement and association,
and radically reshape our diets and way of life.
In The Great Reset: Global Elites and the Permanent Lockdown,
bestselling author and publisher, Marc Morano,
unveils the origins of the Great Reset, who is behind it, how it is being implemented,
and how COVID-19 and the alleged “climate emergency”
accelerated its imposition on the United States.
Packed with telling statistics and damning quotes,
The Great Reset is the essential handbook for the public, the media, and activists
on how to critically analyze and expose the tyrannical policies
silently strangling our liberties today.


           Marc  Morano  :

“ The COVID lockdowns were literally a version of what they’ve called for
   for decades in the climate movement,” he says. “

   ” I attend every United Nations climate summit, and I’m going to the one in Egypt this year …
      and what these summits call for … is the ‘degrowth movement,’ or ‘planned recessions’ …
      to fight global warming.  And what that means is the government imposes
      slower economic growth or forces a recession to lower emissions. ”

   How close are we to the    ” PERMANENT lockdown ”    ???

           WHAT will be the CAUSE to this  “lockdown”   ?

           A)   Pandemic  –  MONKEY ONE,  with 5 dead persons.
           B)   Putins   ( = NATO:s )   WW lll,  WW lV,  and  WW V.
           C)   Climate HOAX-HOAX.
           D)   Alien INVASION.
           E)   We-the-People protesting TO MUCH.
           F)   Klaus Schwab REGRETTING his sins.
          G)   To much CONSPIRACIES coming.

              The STEPS to ENSLAVEMENT.        
The Great Reset – Global Elites …..  and  ” the PERMANENT Lockdown”

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