SWEDEN – Alarming raise in Covid Deaths July 2022 vs July 2021….!

systems perestroika - éminence grise

Now that I got your attention by the typical, alarmist headline, a disinformative fear mongering propaganda headline typical of and inspired by media and our politicians… Let’s look at the facts:

Just look at that triplet for July (2020,2021,2022)….! Not only is the number of Covid deaths radically higher 2022 than 2021 – it’s even higher than during July 2020….! We are all doomed! Bring back the masks, close everything, take your umphteenth booster, isolate…..!

Right….? With such a terrible increase in Covid deaths July 2022 vs July 2021, we’d better close down everything… right…?


Take a look below and calm down : SWE has had a death deficit ever since Feb 2021, regardless of what media, politicians, authorities, WHO, WEF, Bill Gates, Fauci and all the other fear mongers try to convince you of, in order to keep you in a state of fear, thereby being able…

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