Why our global civilization will most likely self-terminate, in our lifetime, Part I

systems perestroika - éminence grise

All previous civilizations, Maya, Aztecs, Roman, Greek etc. have terminated. But all previous civilizations were local, not global. Now, we live in a fully globalized civilization. That is, when previous civilizations ended, life on the planet could go on, since there were other, parallel civilizations left, ready to “consume” the survivors of the fallen civilization. The “system” was anti-fragile, with sufficient redundancy for life to move on. Our current civilization is fully global, where everything is fully dependent on everything else, and as such, fragile, where any disturbances, e.g. a global pandemic, will have cascading effects impacting the entire globe. As we have seen with Covid, where the mitigation efforts to eliminate the virus have put 100’s of millions of people in starvation, 100’s of millions of people unable to support their families, 100’s of millions of small business to go bust, and a…

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