Dispatches from the Asylum

As the mentally disordered prepare for life in the hereafter in one of the delightfully tortuous Circle’s of Hell by continuing to lay to waste many an innocents’ health with toxic secretions oozing from their psychofuckic brains, the demons in Gehenna plead with God in heaven, not for release, but to allow Satan to unleash more ideas of eternal torment for the newcomers that Dante couldn’t even imagine as he was not gifted to live in this enlightened era.


Children Bundle Up for Class Due to Boston Public Schools Open-Window Mandate – via nationalreview.com

Parents have been forced to send their children to school dressed in multiple layers of winter clothing because of a Boston Public Schools mandate that windows be kept open 4 inches to mitigate the spread of Covid.

“Good morning families,” one school wrote in a letter to parents first reported by the Boston Herald. “It…

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