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American Scientists Confirm Toxic Graphene Oxide, and More, in Covid Injections

AUGUST 30, 2021

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[I’ve run experiments in high tech. The goal was never to destroy, but to collect data. What does this do or what does that do? How do circumstances or conditions impact my results?

Of course—my experiments were relative to electron flow and/or materials facilitating such things…]

They are treating human beings as things—yes. But if you use terms that induce fear, you mute the ability for these people to think critically. Fear blocks critical thinking. It’s a deadly nuance that only serves their purposes. Don’t do it. People need to stop focusing on words that trigger fear and start getting mad. Don’t think:

• Toxicity

• Death

• Side effects

• And more

Think Human Experimentation


Scanning & Transmission Electron Microscopy Reveals Graphene Oxide in CoV-19 Vaccines

Robert O…

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