Dispatches from the Asylum

Isn’t it nice to have the Thanksgiving holiday here in the States so that yet another opportunity presents itself of allowing morons, dopes and dumbshits tell us all how to enjoy the day?

Start clutching your pearls and have extra toilet paper on hand in case you soil yourself with the fear porn being peddled by these shysters.

Welcoming family into your home for Thanksgiving? Here’s how to keep COVID out – via npr.org

You can read the full article here, but let’s jump ahead, with our holiday expectations on the edge, for the sage and savory advice NPR offered up:

As a risk-reduction measure, you might want to ask your guests to take a COVID test before a large holiday get together. A year ago, it was hard to get real-time information from COVID testing due to delays in test results and a lack of rapid test options…

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