Dispatches from the Asylum

Nothing screams ‘health’, love of your fellow human, compassion and tolerance like the following…yeah?

  • You cannot visit any cafes or restaurants.

  • You cannot enter any non-essential stores.

  • You cannot enter any shopping center or large store.

  • You cannot receive beauty services (hair, nails, salons, etc).

  • You cannot use repair services which last longer than 15 minutes.

  • You cannot enter public indoor spaces.

  • You cannot enter a fitness center, gym, or sauna.

  • You cannot attend outdoor events which have more than 500 people.

  • You cannot sit and read in libraries. You may only use the library to pick up and return books.

  • You cannot travel by train. [The government temporarily rescinded this restriction for now because it’s unworkable and causing chaos.]

  • You cannot enter banks or insurance agencies unless the purpose is to receive pensions or social benefits where the service lasts no more than 15 minutes.

  • Students cannot…

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