One thought on “As long as they can talk people into getting any kind of injection for any reason they can slip whatever they want into them. And they will.

  1. It’s Okay. You may credit me with this observation I made on:

    FDA panel overwhelmingly rejects Pfizer booster for healthy people 16 and older – LifeSite
    9/20/2021 10:26 PM

    I stand by this statement. I came to this conclusion after being inflicted with a strange headache for over 2 years [almost 3] caused by heparin injections.

    This was in December 2017.

    I declined any further injections after 2 days and was shocked at how fervently the nursing staff urged my continuance on their damned 3x per day shots.

    When I asked a neurologist for help with this, he asked me if I had tried Ibuprophen. In the same appointment, I asked him what to do about my inability to maintain my core body temp [yours is 98.6] and he told me to turn the heat up.

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