One thought on “Enormous amount of evidence that the covid vaccines are not what they seem´s to be

  1. I’m sitting here reading the title of this article and laughing. The words

    NO SHIT are spewing through my hahahas.

    Many of us had no need of SEMs or other pretty tools—because many of us had already experienced the worst that man [or woman] had to offer.

    I’ve been saying this is a genocide shot since before it came out and now it’s too damn late. So I’ll say it again—you know—that thing I sent you, Connie, when I got so pissed off at Seneff for soft-peddling what was going on with that half-assed paper?

    Since the genetically modified people who got the shot infect people. I go nowhere, touch no one, and will touch nothing that anyone else has touched. I’ve stuck to this pretty well since January 2021

    My premise:

    • I hypothesize the shots were created to deliberately infect people and infect others in turn.

    • I hypothesize an explosion of cancers and autoimmune are on the horizon—and more…

    • I hypothesize the shots were never intended to help—they were always intended to hurt.

    • I hypothesize the spike protein never existed outside a lab until now—when people were given the shots and genetically modified to produce it.

    • I believe it would be easy to prove this in a lab.

    • I also believe this will never be done.

    The spike protein is instrumental in producing ‘prions.’ When you think ‘prions’, think mad cow disease. Prions are indestructible.

    They once took some prions and place them in a pile of nuclear waste and left them there for a few months. When they went back to check them, they were fine and still very viable.

    People have been genetically modified to produce the very thing we were told the shots were supposed to stop—contagious infection—and prions. The probability that each and every one of us will be infected even if we did not get the shots is great.

    They’ve been practicing how to spread infection for quite a while. How do I know? Personal experience with the acellular pertussis component in shots that seemed to spread only to those vaccinated with that component in shots—commonly called ‘aP.’ They got me.

    It gets very complex, but the gist of it is it seems they have been experimenting for a while to create infections that easily pass among the vaccinated. In other words—you only get the infections created by the vaccinated if you are vaccinated.

    Questions About Vaccine-Strain Pertussis 2020

    This article was produced as a result of an email conversation I had with another top scientist who I considered a friend.

    The Frustrated Scientist

    He alleged the virus did not exist.

    You people all deserve what’s coming and it’s going to be worse than you can imagine. People are already dying from fast-moving cancers and mad cow disease–not to mention dropping dead after the shot.

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