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My journey regarding the looming possibility of forced mandatory vaccination began just after January 2018. I had nearly died terribly—painfully—and had taken to studying


As I slowly recovered from pharmaceutical products, MDs glared at my progress. I had refused to ingest any kind of pharmaceutical product and lived. I discovered medicine had changed—profoundly. My chosen field no longer existed per se.

Although I had had to decline a free pass to medical school in 1976, I still had mounds and mounds of knowledge to draw on. I got to work studying and researching—saw what is happening today LOOMING on the horizon many yesterdays ago in 2018 and did my best to help stop it.

But there are groups out there making fists upon fists of cash on the ground we’re losing and I can only see them now as controlled opposition. Today is August 16, 2021, and we are…

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One thought on “My Response to “New Rules on Vaccine Exemptions Sought” Take 2

  1. I have to tell you… Looking over that the history I had with that managing editor was very painful. I’m not sure I had time to feel anything in those days while I was working hard to prevent these days.

    The brick walls Health Choice Massachusetts put up stopped me dead in my tracks. I wanted to show a presence of 30 or so silent people in that newspapers lobby, but everyone was so afraid of HCMA, I couldn’t get people. They are affiliated with Bobby Kennedy.

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