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Who knows when the gods of mayhem and destruction dug deep into their assholes and pulled out the current scam where a frickin’ virus could lay to waste the freedoms of all the unwashed, and better still, convince them that the only ticket to regain the freedoms government dickheads have taken from them was encased in a vial of experimental chemical goo supplied by corporate shysters…for a price.

Pfizer and Moderna Will Raise the Price of Their Vaccines After Adaptation to New Variants – via stamfordadvocate.com


They adapted to new variants that haven’t even been isolated yet?

Sure, why not.  The masses will believe anything.

But these poor pharma conglomerates – they’re not making any money…right? They’re just providing life-saving, experimental pokes…yeah?

Pfizer says 2021 Covid-19 vaccines sales to top $33.5 Billion, sees need for boosters – via reuters.com

Oh dear!

The amount of shitfuckery the masses will…

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