DeSantis Betrays: Check Out What’s In His “Anti-Vaccine Passport” Law — Nwo Report

Source: Mac Slavo Florida’s governor has been getting a lot of praise from many on the right as he builds up his stardom to run for president perhaps as early as 2024.  However, hidden in his “anti-vaccine passport” bill, is a blatant betrayal of those who are actually cheering this guy on. This is just […]

DeSantis Betrays: Check Out What’s In His “Anti-Vaccine Passport” Law — Nwo Report

11 thoughts on “DeSantis Betrays: Check Out What’s In His “Anti-Vaccine Passport” Law — Nwo Report

  1. I’m not surprised. I’ve said out loud these states touting freedom from these rules could be nothing more than traps. It’s a good way to corral dissenters into a limited space.

    Does that sound paranoid? I’m sure it does. The vast majority of the population has not been through a sliver of a fraction of what me and mine have been put through.

    It’s a bit complex but it has been my experience through writing that an individual cannot empathize with another who suffered the terror of persecution if they do not have that emotional reference point.

    In order to empathize with a person who has suffered terror, you must have suffered terror yourself. Otherwise—you will experience pity and nothing more.

    If you cannot grasp how terrifying these years were for those of us who suffered through them, you have no idea what they have in store for you.

    42 U.S. Code § 5106a: A Worthy Revisit

    The law was pitted against us and we were locked into an unforgiving system that constantly made us afraid they were going to steal our children from us. Many children they did take.

    This was not—is not—never was—about the shots. It has always been about control

    We are entering a period of time in which the world has become nothing more than a global concentration camp. Many have already died and the rest have become our guards—“Useful idiots.”

    Remember the article I did on Yuri Bezmenov?

    Who is Yuri Bezmenov? An UnAmerican American Hero

    He was right.

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  2. Thank you for reposting my article.

    I am working on an article about Darwinism and it’s disconcerting to think that the science being put out on evolutionary biology can be considered to have any validity at all. Not with what they’ve been doing to our babies with the shots for the last fifty years.

    I keep wondering if they have a set of science for the public and some sort of ‘secret’ science for them. Nothing about the death, diseases, cancers and such that have been inflicted upon our children have the smell of ‘Natural’ on them.

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      • Connie–it’s so incredibly, incredibly complex. There are still things I have to ‘catch’ on.

        They think we are animals. That is almost impossible for me to accept. But something was brought up on another platform that tickled my mind.

        I got a video that showed how the blood is trashed and someone mentioned that it had to be fake because there were no platelets.

        But if you think of the shots as vehicle [NOT FOR VACCINATION] but for genetic modification—and if you remember things that are happening with the blood clots and low platelet counts and stuff…

        And if you have a nose like mine that sniffs everything out…

        I think they are trying to genetically modify platelets out of our blood. Why? Only mammals have platelets. So if they are successful in modifying platelets out of no-longer-mammalian people—and if there are other things about the general population they are trying to modify [like sterility]—where does that put us on the zoological scale?

        Not human and not mammal.

        That German lawyer is screwing everyone big-time by not stopping genetic modification via Human Experimentation. RFK, Bigtree and all that crew will do nothing to stop this because they are not on our side.

        I’m not crazy—they are—and they’re running the whole damned show.

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      • Yes, I agree on the notion that it is impossible to accept that insane viewpoint that we are but a sack of meat and bones!!! They are doing everything they can to obliterate our human bodies and exchange them for cyborgs and robots.

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