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I’ve been noticing strange doings on the Internet. Data was telling me the Internet was being bought up. At the time, it was just me saying it—not much to go on. But now information is coming out that this is precisely what’s happening.

Let’s look at the history of the Internet and start with PSI.


Yes, I know. Many who need to translate can’t translate a graphic. In the interest of facilitating translation by the less agile the highlighted section is here:

“Before 1990, the Internet had been largely funded by government agencies including DARPA (the original and still existing at that time, ARPANET), the National Science Foundation (NSF) for the NSFNET, various U.S. federal agency networks such as the Department of Energy and NASA, and with grants to various regional networks including NYSERNet. Many of the stakeholders of the Internet of the 1980s were military, industrial, or academic…

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