3 thoughts on “2 Scientists: The Soul Does Not Die, It Returns to the Universe

  1. “The two researchers believe the human brain is, in fact, a ‘biological computer’…”
    I told a psychologist something like this once and I think it may almost gotten me thrown into a loony bin. Psychologists think all these types of conjecture are loony. Here’s an example.

    The Psychologist

    The Psychologist

    I could get deeply into this, but you probably do not want me to.

    Penrose was an extraordinary man. For me, his lectures are a soothing balm—don’t ask me why because I don’t know. They are like music to my ears—really—like listening to music.

    There is an unconscious abstract process that can go on as we sleep. I think abstractly and visually, so my brain is always turned on—pun intended.

    I had not heard these discussions on the continuation of cohesive thought beyond death. I, myself, had question whether or not such a thing could continue if consciousness was merely a biochemical reaction housed in the brain.

    But it makes my mind jump to the shots. You know—talks about that God gene? I think these two are connected and what they really are trying to do is shut down conscious thought.

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