The Willful Ignorance of Health Officials Meets the Nuremberg Trails 2021. It’s Going To Be A Real Come To Jesus Moment Them!

New Human New Earth Communities

The Nuremberg Principles with Amy Benjamin

March 7, 2020

“I don’t mind if after the job is done you put me in front of a Nuremberg Trial and then jail me for life. Hang me if you want, as a war criminal. What you don’t understand is that the dirty work of Zionism is not finished yet, far from it.”~ Ariel Sharon

By Catherine Austin Fitts

After several decades of globalization, with trillions disappearing from the U.S. federal government and explosive global corruption, it has become increasingly fashionable for those in power to ignore domestic and international law. The message is “crime pays.”

Part of our challenge is the explosion in invisible weaponry and digital technology that has made it possible for those who have excelled at these technologies—remote control of planes, hacking of bank accounts, weather warfare, surveillance capitalism, online entrapment, entrainment and mind control—to get away…

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