Care homes or labs for COVID-19 vaccines tests?

Anti Oligarch

By: Dr Lidiya Angelova

All COVID-19 pandemic propaganda is based on saving old people’s lives, but turns out that they are used as test animals. The idea about it came after I found out that people in care homes are forced to take the COVID-19 vaccine and many die after it. The video below reports that about 25% of the people in care home died while 36 % have severe adverse effects.—Whistleblower-report:f

There are reports that this is happening in other care homes in Germany and all over the world.

What is strange from the first look here is that it’s like about 50% die or have severe adverse reactions and 50 % are fine. It has an explanation – the unaffected 50% had a placebo. This is clinical research. All COVID-19 vaccines are in the early clinical trial stage.

The army presence, the lack of care from…

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