Big Pharma Is Literally Poisoning Us — Truth To Power

Big Pharma spends a small fortune every year buying politicians to make sure we can’t import prescription drugs from Canada, but they’re more than happy to sell us contaminated medications from countries with weak manufacturing controls and exploitable labor that ensure high profit margins. A toxic compound that doesn’t belong anywhere near medicine known as NDMA was […]

Big Pharma Is Literally Poisoning Us — Truth To Power

One thought on “Big Pharma Is Literally Poisoning Us — Truth To Power

  1. “A toxic compound that doesn’t belong anywhere near medicine known as NDMA was first discovered in some blood pressure medications in 2018, and the FDA issued an alert”

    I’m surprised the FDA even did anything about this. It must have been killing too many people. FDA has a whole category of additives to pharmaceutical products that do not have to be tested for human toxicity.

    Be very careful when you engage with ANY pharmaceutical product—especially any in a syringe. I ended up with a very strange headache for over 2 ½ years after 2 days of heparin shots in a hospital.

    I asked a neurologist for help and he told me to take a pill.

    And Bernie Sanders? I had a text conversation with one of his minions a few years ago.

    I was to go to a house party to listen to Bernie. I received a text reminding me to show up. I asked the following:

    “What is Sander’s stance on vaccination? My body, my children, and my life were destroyed by these shots.

    The answer?

    While Bernie is sensitive to the fact that there are some families who disagree, he believes opting out creates potentially deadly risks for children from illnesses who may not be able to be vaccinated and are exposed to children who are not.

    I asked:

    What about my health? I have an atypical lesion on my cervical spinal cord which will eventually kill me. I am crippled. My sons cost hundreds of thousands to raise through special ed. We are obviously genetically flawed. If you are going to kill us, don’t kill us so damned slow. I never consented to sacrifice my life and my children for your herd. I guess I won’t go. I’m not going to vote for someone who is promoting my death and the death of my children.

    By the way, they vaccinate everybody. Even cancer patients going to chemotherapy according to my doctor. She seemed quite gleeful about it. The immunocompromised like me are not exempt.

    Have a nice night.”

    I did not go to his damned house party. He joined the ranks of those I despise because of how these shots and other pharmaceutical products destroyed my family and so many other families.

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