'This Side of Life'

I have one published study myself. [yes—yes—I have a published study…]

A big gripe of scientists is that there are not enough live test subjects. Some are suggesting that participation in research studies should be mandatory—there should be a law…

As a child, my chosen field was to be science. Even then, I ate, slept, and dreamt science. I think like a scientist although circumstances prevented me from entering my chosen field.

I participated in one scientific study in my life. I’m sure they knew by the end of that two-week study that I did not fit the criteria. I am equally sure participants were so scarce they included my data anyway.

I told an MD I was participating in the study. He told me that if I did, I would not be welcome at his practice anymore. I said,

“That’s fine. Nice meeting you.” And went on my way.

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