Clever Journeys

Nancy Pelosi and her puppets, including the RINOs who revealed themselves at last week’s impeachment vote are extremely worried about their security.

A record breaking number of National Guard troops and military presence in Washington D.C. proves their near paranoidic fears.

As more Americans are learning the truths of left wingers arrests and roles in the Jan. 6 coordinated efforts to implement the civil unrest at the Capitol building, Pelosi’s Posse becomes increasingly frightened.

TheTransportation Security Administration (TSA)has beefed up security at all three D.C. regional airports with additional preparations being enacted.

The question for many Americans is simply, WHY?

The overwhelming majority of violence, destruction and injuries the past year came from paid Deep State leftist operatives and their followers. More evidence comes in daily from CREDIBLE news sources, witnesses and leaked law enforcement files that the Jan. 6th Capitol unrest was a planned act of such operatives.


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