GCC Pastor Accuses Journalist of Lying About Outbreak Reporting — ChurchLeaders

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Phil Johnson

Following her report about COVID-19’s alleged continued impact atJohn MacArthur’s Grace Community Church(GCC), investigative journalist Julie Roys is facing criticism from a pastor at the California megachurch.

Early Sunday, Roys published an article titled “Members of John MacArthur’s Church Say They’re Being Pressured Not to Report New COVID Outbreak.” In it, she details an interview with a church leader and shares social media posts describing active coronavirus cases within the congregation. When a Twitter user asked elder andPastor Phil Johnsonto explain what was happening at GCC, herepliedthat Roys “is lying” and prints “scandalmongering twaddle.”

Julie Roys Describes Denial & Coercion at GCC

A GCC leader who requested anonymity told Roys that numerous new cases of COVID-19 have been linked to recent gatherings at the Sun Valley church, yet staff and members are being urged to keep them quiet. The leader, who himself…

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