Dispatches from the Asylum

The gods of mayhem and treachery have rarely been disappointed with government cement heads’ behavior throughout the ages.

The gods levitate in the cosmos, with never a concern that their plans and schemes to f**k up as many innocents’ lives as possible will be thwarted by the future residents in the condo’s readied for them at Lake Gehenna.

Innocent’s being screwed in this life is of paramount importance to the gods and their henchmen here on terra firma. The gods’ magic mind-meld is genius, for not only will the innocents suffer the implosion of their lives here, the psychopath’s who carry out their evil will also suffer…probably not much in this life, but guaranteed after their bodies have assumed ash or worms.

Marvel at the demented orders, mandates, and general shitf**kery the braindead and psychopath’s among us issue, and we continue to follow:

Parents’ fury as kids forced to eat…

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