Scientific compendium proves lockdowns don’t work… they actually cost lives

The Millennial Kiwi
10 December 2020
Ethan Huff

(Natural News) Stay home: Itcouldsave lives, they say. But does staying cooped up inside really protect against Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) infection? Notaccording to science.

A new collection of papers put together byThe Fat Emperordefinitively shows that lockdowns donotsave lives, and in factcoststhem. Here is what we know:

1) Staying home provides a false sense of security

Research published in the peer-reviewed Elsevier journalEClinicalMedicinefound that lockdowns do not lead to any noticeable reduction in mortality rates.

Elderly people are still more at risk than everybody else of getting sick or dying, while those at low risk who are stuck inside only end up losing wages and adopting bad habits like smoking, which is far more dangerous than contracting COVID-19.

2) Coronavirus “cases” started dropping before lockdowns, masks

Early on in the…

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