Avoid Hospitals (If at all possible) — NoFakeNews.net

By Van Robison If you are elderly and go to a hospital, chances are good you will exit in a body bag. Hospitals are being paid mega dollars to claim the cause of many deaths are coming from Covid-19. Ventilators are killing people, and doctors like to put people who have upper respiratory infections on […]

Avoid Hospitals (If at all possible) — NoFakeNews.net

One thought on “Avoid Hospitals (If at all possible) — NoFakeNews.net

  1. It’s imperative for me to avoid hospitals. Their idea of treatment is more likely to kill me than not.

    Forgive my imposition but I am stuck with just two fingers, so I will show you some of what has happened to me what happened in something already written and updated just recently.


    I’ve always given MDs respect but the last time I heaped on attitude. I had begged for help and gotten none, and ended up saving my own life. The last MD designated a PCP I told straight out,

    “I’m not going to dumb this down for you.”

    That MD was shocked… But that MD’s parting shot made me know I could/should never go back there and I haven’t.

    I developed a condition that brought me to the ER several times over the course of 4 months. No answers but plenty of bills. I asked an acquaintance who does medicine somewhere else in the world and got an answer within 30 minutes.

    I thought once I hit 60 I would see compassion in them there MD eyes.

    There is no health care here anymore. There is sick care.

    Be warned.

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