Dispatches from the Asylum

Wrapping a bow around their cornholio scamdemic of toxic sludge has served the government cement heads well, aided by their cousins they’re married to in the corporate media.

Face diapers, social isolation, businesses shuttered, jobs lost, suicides increasing, homes lost, the elderly isolated and the children psychologically traumatized – it’s been a smorgasbord of heinous offerings from these underlings of the gods of shitf**kery that the unwashed have duly stuck their arses up in the air for implementation of these shyster’s madness.

And, as we’re told nearly every day by the corporate shitheads, most of the lolcows are clutching their pearls, salivating, and getting boned or wet over the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow – the mighty poke in the arm of battery acid, ass or other appendage these shitheads have planned.

Not to worry children…the gift-bag from these demons is on its’ way and it…

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