Dispatches from the Asylum

In tonight’s episode of ‘who should eat a bag of shit’, the list of deserving candidates is long, complete with morons, cement-heads, dopes, psychopath’s, lolcow’s, degenerates and all other forms of vermin that Gehenna has unleashed upon this beautiful terra firma.

But the most deserving of those who should eat shit, are the demons who harm children:

‘Behavioral Re-Education Camps’  – CALI School District Produces Video of What a Return to School Will Look Like – via wakingtimes.com

The debate about opening schools in the fall is heating up, and sadly, it has already become a partisan issue. Liberals have taken the stance that it is not safe to re-open schools, while blasting conservatives who seem to really want schools to reopen.

Whatever side you’re on in this conversation, if schools do re-open, kids will be subjected to an insane regiment of new distancing and safety measures. In fact, it…

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