Dispatches from the Asylum

On tonight’s episode of ‘how in the hell did I get myself mired in this shithole’, we look to the gods of shitf**kery, who always require sacrifices, for an other-worldly view of why we’re here. And the explanation is simple. We seem to enjoy being reamed up our arse’s on a daily basis, and as the gods of shitf**kery need whipping posts – it’s the perfect quid pro quo.

Whether proclamations of propaganda f**kery is from government weasels or corporate media toxic wastes, we enjoy their beatings and offer up silent lamentations, shake our heads with sadness, and fight on each day so that we can continue to lick up their idiocy and hypocrisy.

Check it out, boys and girls…the perfect cocktail of hypocrisy from corporate media jackals, beautifully captured: (Stay with the clip til the end…it’s only a minute long)

MSNBC Reporters outraged people aren’t wearing face masks. Passerby…

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