Dispatches from the Asylum

In tonight’s episode of “who in the f**k wants to live a life like this”, abnormality abounds as waves of lolcow’s embrace their tank, settling in for the next abnormality to hit them square in the crotch, duly bent over and ready for the follow-up boot up the ass from their overlords.

It’s all a glorious ride to permanent lolcowdom where they will be gleefully rolling up their sleeves for the vaccinated nirvana promised six months, twelve months, eighteen months from now or whenever the chemical poisons are perfected.

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D) on Monday stated the people of his state cannot “firmly enter the new normal” until a coronavirus vaccine is developed and available — something some experts warn may never come to fruition.

“Until a proven vaccine is widely available, we cannot firmly enter the ‘new normal,’ when life will once again return to all our…

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