Dispatches from the Asylum

Don’t you just love having a front row seat here in the worldwide internment camp the psychopath’s have created for us, for our own protection of course, where the lolcows of our brethren can buttfumble their way through virus check-in stations, waiting in their germ-infested car for 4 hours, inhaling the exhaust of the running car in front of them, all so that they can sacrifice a bit of their snot to be tested for the Cough 19?

Wait for 4 hours, blow snot and drive on…we’ll be in contact with you. The obedience to the hysteria and panic run deep in the lolcows. They seem to embrace more Hell with each new day.

Going to the local and small grocery store in the neighborhood for the typical items one needs from time to time today, this hack writer was able to observe the lolcows at their finest. …

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