Dispatches from the Asylum

With one of the most sculpted “tanks” underway since time began; with civilization marching toward total and complete suckitude – the innocents cry out; the comfortable snuggle deeper into their comfortableness; family members shut out other family members; the lonely become more lonely; the poor, poorer; the sick, sicker; the lost continue to listen to corporate media and Hollywood degenerates; the rich are immune to it all, for now; the politicians do only what they can, which is lie; the ignorant remain so, and the ultra elites laugh at us as we continue to follow their f**kery.

A little love, a little understanding, a little companionship, a good meal shared, a walk together outside on a misty eve, the sick getting better, the elderly often visited, the lonely heard by one, the poor lifted for the first of many days from their poverty – this is the life we crave.

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