Dispatches from the Asylum

As most an insouciant fool who won’t or can’t attest to the insanity of what is before them…and yet every one of the non-insouciant who look about, read, research, educate themselves, with an appetite for nothing but truth – there can be no doubt that all of us…the insouciant’s, the lovers of truth, the casually interested, the decidedly disinterested, and all in between, are being systematically eliminated by the electromagnetic f**kery of the era:

The first eight months of WWII with no fighting was called The Phoney War. Using millimetre waves as a fifth-generation or 5G wireless communications technology is a phoney war of another kind.

This phoney war is also silent, but this time shots are being fired – in the form of laser-like beams of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from banks of thousands of tiny antennas[1] – and almost no one in the firing line knows that…

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One thought on “The Silent Apocalypse Upon Us

  1. It´s so sad to see the ignorance and apathy and I start to see it all as a war on humanity. I have a facebook friend who has found Jesus and he state with emphasis that all of this inhuman atrocities is really a spiritual war, a war between good and evil, darkness vs light, God vs the Devil and I tend to agree with his viewpoint!
    We´ve been exposed to a massive brainwashing/propaganda that in time has worked as a hypnotic spell but it´s time to get out of the coma and start acting if we want to have a life at all or do we actually want to sacrifice our children, our brothers and sisters, our pets and our nature to all this evil without as much as a wimp?


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