Fighting Monarch

What better place for satanic cartel signaling than gothic fiction? And what better time to discuss it than Halloween?

A Primer on Satanic Cartel Signaling (Phoenixes, Firebirds, & Thunderbirds)

More on Cartel Signaling in Literature & the Push to Perversion

jackolanternSince the eighteenth century, gothic novels have been a mainstay of English literature.  Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre by the Brontë Sisters are classic examples.


The worst is The Monk by Matthew Lewis, involving pregnant nuns, rapist priests, cross-dressing, sex with dying women who posed for portraits of the Virgin Mary, bloody sheets, drugs, murders, forced marriages, witchcraft, voyeurism, soul contracts, dungeons, poisons, torture, incest, and satanism.

matthew lewis the monkThe genre became so popular that Jane Austen parodied it in Northanger Abbey.

northanger abbeyAs much as I like Jane Austen, she had it all wrong.  In Northanger Abbey, the satanic conspiracy lies only in the imagination of the heroine…

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