Dispatches from the Asylum

Just like the car accident that hardly a soul can keep from straining their neck to turn their bowling ball head to catch of glimpse of just what wrong, and if there’s any gruesomeness to witness, most people are just as Uninterested in the gruesome toxicity littered in the air they breath, the food they eat and the water they drink.

Ah, life among the brain-dead.

But not to be too worried, for corporate and government shysters always have an answer to a better life for the un-dead, and it’s usually in the form of more toxicity.

There’s this nasty little carcinogenic chemical called chromium-6a lovely chemical that state scientists in California and elsewhere say causes cancer when ingested at even extraordinarily low levels.

And just where would you find this little gem of nastiness, why, in our water supplies, of course. (There’s an interactive map that will show you just…

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