Dispatches from the Asylum

As all adult infants desire in this world wide waste is to be fully assimilated into the hive where their every move, breath, thought, desire, including their sometimes embarrassing sexual fetish, is currently recorded and cataloged – with the large comforter of surveillance being pulled neatly under their chin with ever expanding warmth that deviant a-holes blanket upon on us all, tis probably only right and proper that the final assimilation of all wrong and heinous is reamed up our arse’s…

Check out the latest of these shitards and their latest, choicest f**kery:

First wireless insect-size robot takes flight – via roboticsnews.com

That Sign Telling You How Fast You’re Driving May Be Spying – via technocracy.news

Your Volvo Will Soon Call The Cops On You If It Thinks You’ve Been Drinking – via zerohedge.com

Finger Vein Vending Machines And A Global Biometric Police Database – via activistpost.com

NYC subway denies…

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