Dispatches from the Asylum

As the hyena’s in Washington, corporate media and Hollywood continue to do what they do best, namely, soiling themselves and howling at anybody who will listen over the Trump, Mueller, Barr circus that never ends, promising that the freak show will continue until the next election when the Democratic and Republican parties ensure that Americans will once again be provided a choice between “more of the same”, no matter each party’s nominee, there is more important news to pay attention to rather than watching these hyena’s foam at the mouth over their latest “kill”.

One of the oldest and most respected medical journals out there, The Lancet, has issued their report on electromagnetic radiation, and the biological and health effects:

Planetary Electromagnetic Pollution: It is Time to Assess its Impact: – via thelancet.com

As the Planetary Health Alliance moves forward after a productive second annual meeting, a discussion on…

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