Fighting Monarch

Many years ago, when I was a student at Cambridge University, I fell in love, and I travelled to Paris with the woman who became my girlfriend.  I didn’t know that both of us had been hypnotized under MK-ULTRA, that the enemy had sinister plans for us, or much about anything.

I didn’t know that the Statue of Liberty was a sick joke, a statue commissioned by the Illuminati to mock us, depicting the trans-sexual god Attis who castrated himself.

Liberty is a Trans WomanI just thought it was neat, as Charlotte and I held hands, and floated down the Seine, that the French had a Statue of Liberty, too.

Paris Statue of LibertyI didn’t know that the Illuminati lay behind the ugly pyramid at the Louvre.

great seal

I just knew we all didn’t like it, and it was a shame, aesthetically, what was happening to Europe.

louvre pyramidI also didn’t know that I had been programmed to…

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