Fighting Monarch

As we enter the fourth week of the Yellow Vest protests in France–not to mention the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Sweden–the New World Order is up to its usual tricks.

They will do anything to discredit or destroy the movement.

Although protests have been largely peaceful, the French police have responded with extraordinary brutality.

Here you can see the police throw a man out of his wheelchair.

Here you can see the police drag a woman by her hair.

Brave journalists like Luke Rudkowski are reporting on the brutality of Macron’s thugs.  Rudkowski describes people losing eyes and hands, as they suffer severe injuries due to unjustified police attacks.  One policeman walked the streets with a hammer, striking citizens.  Others struck non-violent protesters with blackjacks.  After cordoning in the protesters, so they could not leave, they fired rubber bullets, stun grenades, and tear gas.  Rudkowski…

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