Fighting Monarch

Where I grew up in the 1980s, almost everyone worked for DuPont, still largely owned by the Illuminati family of the same name.  DuPont estates, public and private, surrounded us to the south.  The parents took houseguests, and we trespassed by night, at Longwood Gardens, where we also went to concerts and saw fireworks.  In early spring, Winterthur’s March Bank bloomed, green and blue, with Siberian squill, crocus, and glory-of-the-snow.  In early summer, exotic fireworks lit the air at Hagley.  We drove to dinner along the rolling hills in the shadow of Granogue; and my father told stories about Nemours, as we played a round at the DuPont Country Club.  When Ralph Nader investigated the DuPonts, who ran all three counties of Delaware, he met with a frosty reception.  People felt the family was good for the area, and the company took care…

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