Like a room without a roof

Pam Grout

“My whole life has been an effort to find freedom—freedom from myself, freedom from my own fears.”—Helen Mirren

As a journalist, I was taught that the lede (the opening paragraph) of any story is my big chance to catch a reader’s attention. Tell them who, what, where, when and how—right up front.

Course in Miracles doesn’t do that. It tills the soil, prepares us slowly for the insanely radical notion that we’re not so much “observing reality” as we are creating it.

A few people have commented on the difficulty of previous lessons. A theme of sorts has emerged—How in the heck can I possibly believe my thoughts are meaningless?

So I’ll try to explain:

Any thought that falls into one of the following categories is basically meaningless:

Life is hard.
I’m separate and all alone.
I’m limited.
There’s not enough to go around.
I have to struggle.

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