Are you a Diviner?

The Cosmic Diviner

Noun 1. Diviner – someone who claims to discover hidden knowledge with the aid of supernatural powers
geomancer – one who practices geomancy
hydromancer – one who practices hydromancy
lithomancer – one who practices lithomancy
necromancer – one who practices divination by conjuring up the dead
oneiromancer – someone who divines through the interpretation of dreams
onomancer – one who practices onomancy
oracle, prophesier, prophet, vaticinator, seer – an authoritative person who divines the future
pyromancer– one who practices pyromancy
illusionist, seer, visionary – a person with unusual powers of foresight
dowser, rhabdomancer, water witch – someone who uses a divining rod to find underground water
Well, if anything mentioned above applies to you, probably you are…
For my part, I’m not one of those “mancers”, but at least I can do some dowsing, with a dowsing rod. Holding in such a device, I can feel…

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