The Greatest Threat That Now Imperils ‘Everyone’


Post-Modern Civilization Ends When This Red Line Is Crossed

TMR Editor’s Note:
What is perhaps the single most important article ever posted on this website went almost completely unnoticed last month.  How is it that the most urgent message ever to appear at The Millennium Report was hardly read?  The concerned post rendered a lucid and accurate account of the most critical elements of these fast-moving and apocalyptic End Times.

This crucial exposé (posted below in its entirety) presents an extremely cogent case for the most significant determining factor that is now dictating the destiny of the planetary civilization. It clearly spells out an ever-intensifying, yet relatively unknown, predicament on planet Earth—one that could potentially cause the collapse of civilization and downfall of the human race.

Just how compelling is this rapidly unfolding doomsday scenario?   It appears to represent the real back story that is driving the…

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