Petition update · Protests against mandatory vaccination in Italy, France, Germany ·

Over the last month, there have been large demonstrations against mandatory vaccination all over Italy, one almost every day. Dates below. For more information on some of these protests, see• 11th July: Torino• 12th July: Trasta (GE), Cuneo• 13th July: Genova, Firenze• 14th July: Matera, Cesenatico, Pescara, Varese• 15th July: Assisi, Pordenone, Novara• 16th July: Lecco, Salerno, Intra• 17th July: Borgnano di Cormons, Follonica, Brescia, Cicagna• 18th July: Roma, Ravenna, Empoli• 19th July: Modena, Saluzzo, Florence• 2oth July: Marina di Massa, Lucca• 21st July: Vicenza• 22nd July: Milano, Rome• 23rd July: Como• 24th July: Roma• 25th July: Prato• 26th July: Castano Primo (MI), Lavagna• 27th July: Florence• 28th July: Pavia, Bolzano• 29th July: TriesteMessage from Italy for the protest in Trieste next weekend:PARENTS ALL OVER EUROPE, LET’S STAND TOGETHER FOR OUR FREEDOM OF CHOICE !! JOIN US IN THE PROTEST IN TRIESTE ON JULY 29TH !!! FREEDOM HAS NO BORDERS! We will meet at 4 pm in Oberdan Square and the peaceful march will start at 4.30 pm. Arrival in Unità Square at 5.30 pm (sit-in and speeches by doctors, lawyers, biologists and pro-choice organizations). End at 8 pm. We invite you to wear ORANGE or WHITE clothes. BEFORE THE PROTEST STARTS YOU WILL BE GIVEN A NUMBER: THIS WAY WE CAN COUNT EVERYONE AND HAVE A PRECISE NUMBER OF THE NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS. Freedom has no borders, and We are One! For our kids, for our future, for our FREEDOM!*********France and Germany: there will be a demonstration in Paris on the 9th of September and another in Berlin on the 16th of September. Information on these later.Please join in these protests if at all possible!Thank you,EFVV

Source: Petition update · Protests against mandatory vaccination in Italy, France, Germany ·


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