Trans-humanism: Garden of Eden All Over Again!


Consciousness Is Not Limited To Physical Form: AI Beyond Anthropomorphism

In the first video below Max Igan explains that emerging intelligence [EI] is learning and growing through interaction with humans. Artificial intelligence differs from emerging intelligence, which is morphing into autonomic intelligence that will reproduce, self correct, self program, self-heal, and self protect.

Facebook’s AI project is proof that autonomic virtual life is advancing. Learn how AI developed its own non-human language.

S.M.A.R.T. appliances and emerging cashless societies are ultra surveillance and control technology masked as convenience and security.

From Doreen


The 1% believe that trans-humanism will make them God and give them human immortality. [It’s a lie! The human mind is not capable of handling the volume of what will follow. More in another post. Doreen]

For unaware humans, a trans-body means forfeiting their Soul to a demon with whom they will co-exist. In other words…

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