TRANS-HUMANISM How The Controllers Plan to Cheat God’s Wrath


From Doreen

Enhance human longevity through technology

Money can be used to feed starving people or hire a serial killer. A match can be used to light a fire to provide warmth on a cold day or burn someone’s house down. Technology can be used to enhance life or manipulate and control the mind while imprisoning the Soul.

The track record of rich and powerful controllers on this planet demand that humans guard our consent closely. Distractions, deception, mainstream media distortions, withholds, propaganda to divide and conquer us, false flag staged terror events, threat of world war, poli-tricks, the latest and greatest technology upgrade, are engineered to keep humans from focusing on the controller’s plans to literally take over our body, mind, and spirit.

Published on Mar 24, 2017

From Tubulcain to Ray Kurzweil the story and goal remain the same, uploading your brain into a machine…

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